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Friday, January 18, 2008

My very first!

I got a lotta things to talk about so imma take dem one at a tyme. as i can see, i have been continually yabbed! and i choose not to be yabbed again! i will try my possible best to post at least 1 lenghty or maybe short blog every week! (let no blogger laugh at this o!)

Ehen, down to biz. I went to write exams o and for the first time in my life, i officially stayed in a hostel! It was there i got to realise that we chics have got AMAZING character o! u need to see everyone displaying their talent although i got to fall inlove with this particular room , i think the occupants chose themselves cos they were busy running da biggest butt contest! It was in this same room dat i did my very first pole dance! Yea, i was taught how to do the pole dance and it's not easy o! I used to think dat was the easiest way to make money but i just realised making money whichever way is not easy at all.

Well, i just need u guys to contribute some money and buy me a nice long pole and leave the rest to me. Think my dream of becoming a pole dancer is finally gonna be accomplished!

ps: MOMMY, it's not really wat u think it is o! before u change ur mind and take Tbaby my one and only blog daughter away from me.

lemme do my blog round b4 i run off again.lol

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy 2008 to all my loved ones! i know manda has been a berry naughty gurlie but i promise to turn a new leaf dis year. Have been soo busy wit exams and alll but i really had u al i mind all dis while! Hope i was missed o! Do i have any new year rsolution? cant tell for now, let's just watch the year unfold! can someone plz tell me more about the blog parry cos im sure gonna be there! Lemme go wear my gbedu shoes o jare! see yall there!