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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Finally, rain! the weather's been soo hot though i'm not really complaining cos it's beta compained to flood, earthquake tsunami and all the crazi stuff dat's been going on. Guess i just have to be content with rashes all over my hand. (which is quite embarrasing).... It's oing to be a stressful weekend and i"m not looking forward to it. I had something interesting to talk about but will save it for when i really got the strenght. Yall have a fantabulous(is dat a real word?) weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

am i on crack?

This title is totally not wat the post is about but nuthin came to my mind and i had to use sometin jor...

So i went away for anoda 2 yrs and to think i've been cruising facebook all dis while. It just hit me today dat i'm addicted to facebook nd when i stated d obvious, my dear frd (Viola) suggested blogspot nd i promised to come look in.. Cant recognize names nemore but i have to have a swell tym cos i truly need yu guys to help me stay off facebook for a while.

Oya, show me plenti luv before i vex and pack my bags again.lol... feels good to be home guys. Lemme do a lil blog round.