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Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Weekend

Me n my notorious blogs! i know everyone is tired of me cos i'm always missing in action but i refuse to be chased out of blogville by ermmm work, stress n Iyabo Opeke! lmao (dont bite me o!) I promised i was gonna always pop in whether they like it or not so i have come to redeem my promise o! Shout out to Labella, i have included u o! No vex for me again abeg.

Once upon a time (2 weeks back) i was sooo pressed n hungry and decided to branch da sweet sensation on Opebi, after taking a longgggg piss i noticed something like i was stolen from Sweet sensation on the seat cover! See me laughing my head off, who will ever want to steal a toilet seat cover, am i crazi? out of curiosity, (the toilets were extraordinarily clean to my amazement) i moved to the next ladies n then i saw a note on the door, some crazi dude wrote his number and was like if u looking for a young, cute, tall guy, plz call dis number. Madness in practise! I just went to the counter and ordered for my meal jare and i'm sure the attebdant would have been wondering why i was wearing dis sheepish smile. wetin concern agbero wit overload?
As if that was not enuf o! i went to chicken republic the other day (Princesa beware o, it's the same one we went to) with my gurlfriend and dis guy dat was looking for ermmm, i dunno jare. Friend needed to use the ladies and i had to powder my nose, so we escorted each other. we got there and noticed the door was locked and my friend was sooo pressed she was dancing around! after waiting for like 4 mins or so friend could not hold it anymore and ran to the men's! i was praying we wont get caught, lo n behold she came out and whoever was in the other one was still there o! we then started passing jokes like maybe the lady was giving birth only to see one heavy grown man step out. Mo gbe! where we shocked? dat would have been an understatement o! what was a guy looking for in a ladies restroom abeg? as if dat was not enuf, he turned to me and was like hey! can i plz have ur number? wat's ur name? dis is madness of the highest order o! Me i just discharged and told him he should meet me up in front. I was scared dat he may be an armed robber getting ready for operation or prolly just a sycko but watever he was, he sha scared me! We now walked out giggling and the Mr Nice dat brought us was wondering wat was wrong. To my greatest amazement bobo drunk came out and sat directly in front of us waiting for my number o! I just exchanged looks wit my friend and we walked out only for him to drag me back, now he's like u forgot i asked u for ur number! I was racking my brain to search for a guy's number dat i'll give him when Mr Nice spoke up.

Mr Nice: Mister, wat do u want? (see liver)

Bobo drunk: Mind ur Businesss, i was talking to the lady

Mr Nice: Didn't u notice she is wit me?

Bobo drunk: Let the lady speak for herself!

Me: i turned to Bobo drunk o! Swit plz give me ur number, i promise to call u so u can get mine.

Bobo Drunk: Ok, my number is 080..... (me i didn't even bother memorizing any).

Bobo drunk quietly walks away. Then i turn to Mr Nice and give him a piece of my mind. Pls i dont want my name to be on news that someone got shot cos he was trying to harrass Bobo drunk on my behalf.

If u were in my shoes, wat would u have done? for the Guys, do u think it was right for Mr Nice to speak up like dat?

I have updated o! lol ... HAVE A FUN FILLED WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

hey loves!

i know i have been sooo naughty but if u guys know wat i have been going thru, i'm sure u'll donate strenght n time for me. I will begin by answering all questions or maybe some. Afrobabe, i neva carry! lmao.. dat was the most hilarious comment! my blog daughter mama, give me plenty kisses to my one n only tontolo, tell her i am truly sorry i kinda abandoned her but i've been going thru plenty! la reine, where have u been gurl? Omo G, i can see u finally abandoned me pata pata! Calabar gal/orientednaijababe, ur 1st tyme on my page and i was not there? vex want kill me o! Olamild, no worry, u wont miss my presence no more! Nikkisaab, runaway chic! classybabe, i am fine o! Jaybabe, i am back hun. Obinna, did i need u to remind me dat? lol... solomonsdyelle, nne, i'm back! lurlar, u can imagine me disappearing into thin air just like dat! Nna, wat r u talking about? spoilt pikin.lol... Omosexy, how have u been? Eddie, wish it was my biz sef, i work to be payed o! Chicala, i know u will say welcome to the club ba? Sparklicious, i noticed o! Na skul cause am? Princesa, u finally dragged me down shei? hope u no vex again! Where Obi sef? Ehen, i saved u for the last mizz opeke, DEBTOR! who u dey tag? abeg e neva reach tyme to pay me?

To all my muslim faithfuls i say Barka da Sallah! Abeg does anyone know where i can eat free ram?

I am taking up my right hand to promise dat i'll neva leave for this long again! i missed u alll.mwaahzzzz.

PS: i am sending this from a cafe so i cant go round blogs cos server is crawling, will definitely do dat once i get hold of a beta system. I dey kampe!