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Monday, May 19, 2008

Quirk Quirk by popular demand.lol

1. Link the person/people who tagged you

2. Mention the rules in your blog

3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs

4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by adding their links

5. Let each of the tagged bloggers know they've been tagged..via their blogs


1. I am a big tease but when i start getting plenty attention i tend to get irritated!

2. I like to procastinate! i've got sooo much unfinished blogs dat i'd love to post but neva have time to come complete and post them. Talk about i'll do it some other time.lol

3. I am a spendthrift, God will definitely help me on dat o! Dis minute u see me complaining of being broke, the next minute i got some cash and i'm spending like there's no tomorrow.( guess i like to spoil myself)hmmmmmm

4. I am an extremist..... when i fall in love wit anything, i make sure i exhauste it's life span. ( my new found love for mango now is driving me nuts!) heheheheeee

5. I am more of an introvert, tend to go silent when i'm in mist of people dat i'm not used to, have been to da club like 2ice in my wholeee adult life and i love to be on my own reading novels or just watching movies.

6. I am an emotional freak.... i try not to attach sentiments to movies, sports and all dem irrelevant stuffs.... haba manda!

I am tagging..... whoever has not been tagged yet!

Got robbed last month and i lost ma fone, jewelleries and some other stuffs. Thank God i still got my life though.