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Friday, June 29, 2007

Come for ur drink.

Yea i mean it, but it's gotta be here so those dat stay far away from me wont need to pay transpot fare all da way down here for just a glass of cocacola! No Liquour man, i am born a new! Have been working sooo hard today cos i want to maintain my good record and i think i've been spending soo much time on the computer, think i'll reapply here and ask for a secretarial job dis tyme so i'll have a good excuse for hanging around the computer all the tyme. *grin*

A big thanx to everyone dat helped suggest a bday present for my boss and for those who decided to ignore me! i am beefing alllll of you and still expecting to hear from you, will rather pick from a wide range of gift ideas. i am really looking forward to my weekend cos i think it's gonna be funfilled, will definitely tell u guys all about it on monday.

Now to the last for the day, i just got a raise! woo hooo, and i think it's tyme to start popping the champagne and let the music roll on! Have a good weekend all and dont forget to come for your drink.mwahhhzzzz.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


How time flies! i just discovered that june is almost ended and i curse this thing they call PROCASTINATION! My boss' birthday is 1st week of july and as a dedicated worker that i am, i was meant to picka gift before now. The mistake i made was i kept saying 3months to go... 2months to go... now i have to count days down and dat's nto funny cos the strike has drained me and i need to get beta gift for my boss(reason):- my people say if right hand wash left hand, left hand go retaliate.hahhahaaa, that does not mean i am expecting any favour o! but it's always been this ritual that i get my boss a nice gift and he gives me the bestest during my bday which is a month after his. YES it's a HE, say wat u like! all i know is he is not just a boss but a mentor and...... not wat u think o!

Now the problem i got now is picking a befitting bday gift for him dat will be cost effective too cos ur babe is sooo broke! I need to get a gift ASAP and i dont even have the mind to visit a gift shop yet till i have an idea of wat i really want. That's where you my loved ones come in, plzzzzzzzzzzz help me pick a gift that u think a sista can afford and it's gotta be a very good one cos my boss has got real taste o, it's either i get him something he will appreciate or i dont bother at all.

abeg my pple, makke una helep me o! i got less than 5 days to pick a gift. Thank yu in advance!

PS: this stuff is not letting me post pictures o!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Introductory Note!

Dear Diary, 2nd day on blogville. ermmmmm, kind of hard to start a new blog world but i'll keep this on da minimal.lol...

Maybe i should start wit a lil introduction, my name is Amanda from delta state which the heart beat of naija *smile* so if u r a white and dont want to be KIDNAPPED, plz dont come close. My warri brodas are stingy jare cos i am meant to be a chief or money chopper in my village(asaba) instead i stay in Lagos here and work till my back bends! I work wit a biscuit firm that has refused to produce swet biscuits (plz dont tell my boss i said dat) abd i expect EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU to come buy our biscuit for ur Tea break! shikina! I love to hang out wit pple dat got great sense of humour cos my 2nd name is Miss SMILE, my favourite quote " live each day like it's ur last" so we can have fun while u collect ur paycheck and transfer the money to my account, u neva can tell (today may be ur last o) and for everyone's information, i need you to add me o! and i mean add me! or else.......

Dat will be all for now folks, y'all have a great day

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fresher's Club.

Here i am Princess, hope i'll have fun.