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Monday, February 25, 2008

is she pre????????????

My new cravings for stuffs i've not had for years is kinda driving me crazi lately. I just woke up one morning and the 1st thing i asked my broda was where i could get Alewa( one hausa invented prolly boiled sugar stuff) and he sure looked at me like i was going crazi! ( how old mama like me go dey find sugar for early morning like dat? Well, luck was on my side cos few days later i saw an angel on disguise selling Alewa in the market and do i need to tell u i chattered more than enuf? ( some pple here ate it wit me o! not gonna mention names *evil laughter*)

And then i remembered Agidi jollof( i cant explain wat they make dis wit cos i dont even know sef) n i guess plenti pple would not have had dis but i have o and i cant seem to find it anywhere around... Maybe i need to travel to the east to relieve dis part of my craving. This took me down da memory lane and i laughed over those days that i used to buy packets of toffee sweet and eclairs and hide in my skul bag, i'm sure if any cute looking guy had known my lil secret and showered me wit chocolates then (preferably Mars) i would have been head over heels in love wit him.lol... Those days sef i used to have dis boi dat was asking me out, but we were both in ss3 and he sooo showered me wit chocolates n ice cream! it was worth the while jare but i already had small sense so i kept doing shakara till one sharp babe took him from me *hisssss*

I am officially looking for a swittooth boifriend!

Well, i guess i have payed my dues (plenti cavities) but if anyone offers me a pack of chocolate now i wont reject o! lmao