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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

am i on crack?

This title is totally not wat the post is about but nuthin came to my mind and i had to use sometin jor...

So i went away for anoda 2 yrs and to think i've been cruising facebook all dis while. It just hit me today dat i'm addicted to facebook nd when i stated d obvious, my dear frd (Viola) suggested blogspot nd i promised to come look in.. Cant recognize names nemore but i have to have a swell tym cos i truly need yu guys to help me stay off facebook for a while.

Oya, show me plenti luv before i vex and pack my bags again.lol... feels good to be home guys. Lemme do a lil blog round.


VIRNUN said...

Wow! U been here awhile!! I may have to join you here! Lol! Once I figure this out!

Cello-in said...

i see you spent your day tweaking your page.

follow me at
happy you came back.

Viola xox