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Friday, August 2, 2013

job search

And that's how i searched for a new job in Lagos till my shoe soles all  got chopped!!! people already told me dat you must know sumbodi dat knows anoda sumbodi to get a job but i never wanted to ask an Uncle or Auntie moreover i was feeling like an *effikko* that could pass any job test. Reality finally set in after i went for a bank test, passed and didn't get called back after the 2nd interview cos my connection was not tight enough! i pity those that dont know any "better person"cos u're totally OYO. well, i finally got a job that lets me resume for 10am (still pinching myself to be sure it's for real), i close for 6pm and it's been smooth so far so im happy and chilling after plenty stress and anger.

O! tomorrow is my birthday and i still dont know how to spend my day as usual. *rolls eyez*..... Mwahz from me to yäll and if you want some cake, pls come with my birthday gift, ermmmm... location wil be posted soon *wink*

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